It's A Great Feeling!

Having to wear a swimsuit to get in the water seems so unnecessary! Anytime I had an opportunity, I loved to skinny-dip with friends or alone.  In most cases, it's not a sexual thing but simply the best way to enjoy the water!  In fact, since a hot tub is such a small amount of water, it's much better not to have any textiles in the water because they retain detergents and softeners that can upset the water balance.  That aside, I prefer to be naked anyway!

Now, I must admit that part of my motivation to be naked in the water is I enjoy showing off my ****!  Well, at least if the water isn't so cold I get a bad case of shrinkage!  Talk about something that can get embarrassing!!  My normally nice-sized **** can shrivel to almost nothing in that situation.  But, I deal with it because I just love to skinny-dip!!!
SwGaMan SwGaMan
61-65, M
1 Response Jan 22, 2013

I haven't worn a suit in years unless absolutely nesessary.