It's All Fun and Games Until......

My husband (now ex) and I decided to take a midnight swim.  The kids were in bed so why bother looking for a swimsuit.  Right?

Well, we weren't in the pool 5 minutes when the neighbor lady comes out and decides to get chatty.

"Out for a late night swim?"  (walking across the yard)


"I'll bet that water is like bathwater" (coming closer)

Uh, yeah

"So" (walking up to the pool, turning her back to us, leaning on the edge of the pool and looking at the sky, with a big smile) "What ya wearing?"

Well, needless to say, we were there quite a while waiting for her lights to go out.

Not much you can say.  After all, it was her pool.  We were only renting.

The moral:  Make sure the neighbors are really asleep first.

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It sounds like she knew exactly what the two of you were doing.

Altho I agree with mrk222 I think I would have exited the pool in front of her grabbed my towel dried off in front of her.

Here is a better moral: When you skinny dip BE COMMITTED to it. Bring a towel so when you exit the pool you can appropriately cover, but while in the water, its fine to be naked, its actually sensible. Let your neighbors or landlord learn from you.

I walk to our community pool almost every night to skinny dip during the summer, rarely do I see anyone. I go between 10 and midnight. The last couple of years a young couple has joined me a few times, but normaly I have the pool to myself.

I had to laugh when I read this one!

I had a very similar experience once, only the people getting chatty were the other renters who shared a common pool with my wife and me. They probably knew I was skinny=dipping, but didn't care as long as I didn't flaunt it. <br />
<br />
They both came to the door at different times while I was nude. The husband was a lot more bothered than the wife.

She has no idea what she is missing out on.

I think i would have got out of the pool and hang my arms on the fence and carry on the chat. What else could she have been waiting for? She didn't want to come in swimming.

I'd be open about being nude. If she wanted to see you naked, so what?

Personally, I'd have asked her to join in.... but that's just me. I've had people come up to the pool and "chat" while my wife and I were in a state of undress. My wife would usually hang out at the edge of the pool so's not to be obvious... but I figured that we were on private property (my Dad's house) and had permission to be there... so they were either stupid, or looking for a thrill. Either way, they didn't spoil MY night

LOL...You should have invited her to join you !!!

I would have done that if I'd been there!

Yeah, like she was power-tripping you...I hate that kind of weren't hurting anyone, were you? Seems just a little snerky of her.