Across from the shop I work at is a little juice bar, my favourite smoothie that they make is called a Skinny Dip.

Its apple juice, mango pulp, frozen yoghurt and the best part - blueberries and lemon.

The lemon adds a freshness, the bueberries a beautiful hue, its delicious!


(   The other kind of Skinny Dip isnt too bad either ;)    )

auroraaustralis auroraaustralis
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A nudist burger has probably got nothing in it! LOL

Don't worry about swimming, just get nude and watch from the shore and enjoy the cool drink. Auroraaustralis always makes everyone feel welcome as will everyone else there, in the water or not!

My hair is long enough. :P<br />
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I would drink this drink. But I do not swim. I can't swim. :P

Happy to make you smile TheWorld :)<br />
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Hehe nudist burger sounds funny :P <br />
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Jojo, you are so right girl! :D

Exactly Jojo. It is about being free and unhampered, not about what you look like or anything else!

Drcynic, Just throw all inhibition to the wind, drink a couple of Skinny Dips with some vodka and chunky dunk like me! You'll be surprised how liberating it is to "let down your hair for a bit!" :-) no one her cares what you look like, we love you for your thoughts!

Nudist burger, eh? If that is what I think it is, I'd love one of those!

I think the name of this drink is cool.....there used to be a restruant near where I live that had a "nudist burger".

Nothing better than a drink made with "LOVE" while your making love!!! WOOOOO-HOOOO!

This made me smile, thank you :)

drcynic, one day we will convince you that being nude is free and liberating and no matter how gorgeous or non-gorgeous your body is, we all welcome you clothes free! In the meantime keep having fun.<br />
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Thanks auroraaustralis for such a wonderful thread!

I'd give that drink a go if they put a little alcohol in there.<br />
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The other kind of skinny dipping I avoid at all costs... Mostly cause I don't wanna drown, and the other reason, I refuse to show as much of my body as it would require in order to skinny dip.

It would be a good combo nude!<br />
Flourlady - Its joy in a juice - never fails to perk me up after dealing with cranky customers :)

it sounds delicious!

It sounds like a great drink, especially to have when you are doing the real skinny dip! :-)