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I recently posted a short blurb about skinny dipping and got three comments that made me angry so I removed my story. I started thinking about it and realized that I didn't have a problem the people providing the comments had the problem.

There are at least two types of people that go skinny dipping nudist and people who like to take their clothes off and go swimming. Obviously the people who commented were nudist and evidently they would never think about having sex while skinny dipping. I don't know this to be fact because I am not a nudist.

I am one of that group that just likes to get naked and go swimming. Sometimes we have sex while we are in the water or on the beach. To us getting naked is sexual. We are not trying to be nudist we are just having fun and sharing what we have.

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I wrote a story about that exact thing. I am naked as much as possible but not a nudist. I just like being seen naked and looking at naked people. And, if they would admit it, I'll bet most so called "Real nudists" are the same way.

I am glad someone sees it my way

either are acceptable , time and place of course

Come on nudists. Be honest and admit that there very well is an element of sexuality in it otherwise you wouldn't have to go to the extremes to find places to do it. Simply being nude for the sake of it would be too difficult to bother with. <br />
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I think nudism can be both natural and comfortable yet also very sexual when with someone you love. This notion that nudism is never about sex is just not all of the story. <br />
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There is no way I could be out at a nudist resort with my wife and not find her to be totally irresistible. I wouldn't be looking at everyone else that way and especially not children but her I would for sure and couldn't wait to get her inside for a while.

I would love to hear your story

I am one who commented on your previous story. It is not that you like to have sex while skinny dipping that stirred me to comment on your story, it was that you were telling a story about being underage having sex with family members, and that the guys got a kick out of it because you had no breasts or pubic hair. That was the only problem I had with your story. I too like to have sex and sometimes (when appropriate and in private) while skinny dipping. And yes, I do believe that simply being naked is not necessarily sexual, though it is very sensual.

Good for you -- if this is what you like, and this is your experience, then I think you should share.

i agree with ya too

I see where you are coming from and I agree with you.