Skinny Dip Surprise

I've skinny dipped alone many times,late at night in local hotels pool, streams, ponds, one summer i was on hike with a group of mixed gender and age ranging from 10 yrs to 50 + - . We had a plan to hike to a lake, camp over night and hike back.We started early am ,and I was to meet others to ride with them,to the start point.Got there late,all were anxious to get going, We all threw our gear in the back of the extended cab pickup, I had two bags one with my water and food stuff , a smaller one with spare clothes, jeans socks teeshirt swim suit. being the last to arrive and in a hurry, just tossed the stuff in and got in the cab. when we got there found out my clothes bag blew out on the way, not thinking then about swiming ,off we went, Once at the lake, everyone wanted to swim, I was wearing casual style shorts, with nothing under, when wet I knew they would stick to me, But that wasn't a big concern, at 19 yrs. we all swam awhile and someone suggested diving off some big rocks. just down the shore, five of us,2guys 3 girls one girlabout 13 went just to watch , the rock was about 10 to 12 feet high. looked higher ! I was the first to dive in ,and yup dove right out of my shorts, i tried to catch them with my feet when I felt them slip. but that was a mistake, if I let them go they would have been near the surface, but i dragged them down a ways before losing them, they were dark blue and I turned to retrieve them underwater, but couldn't see or feel them, I surfaced and others were in the water by then, I explained and all got a kick out of it, It was kinda arousing, that the girls knew i was naked, The 13 yr old girl was sitting on the rock and able to see I was, and pointed and laughed, "he's naked " I tried several times to swim down to find my shorts, so did the others, the girls were extra giggly when they surfaced, checking me out underwater. We weren't able to reach bottom, soon knew it was hopeless. we headed back to the others, they walked ,I swam and waded my way back. when we got there ,I figured someone would toss me a spare bit of clothes, but everyone ,teased me to come out and get them, leaving a towel on a stump 20 feet from shore, I was turned on, by the thought, but shy of my just went swimming tiny ****. One of the "older" women ,single 40ish, came to my rescue, she stood on shore holding the towel up to block everyones view, except hers, So Out I walked,and she wraped me up. while taking a good look, and saying the water sure is cold.
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3 Responses Mar 8, 2009

You sure seem free with your body in front of women. I guess you've had exhibitionist tendencies or thoughts your whole life? I have exhibitionist issues too and enjoy being seen. I even posed nude for artists.

Heh... I could identify with the cold water nubbin effect lol

Great story, thanks for sharing.