Why Bother

We skinny dip all the time in our pool and pond but we also do not bother wearing clothing since we live way out in the counrty.  Wearing clothing and swim suits at home is so old fashion and out dated.  And since we both work from home we are completely naked many times for days at a time and it is quite nice.  No clothes to wear, no laundry to do and since we live in the middle of 45 acres of our own land if someone does see us naked quite frankly we don't care.  This day and time swim suits have become so small why even bother wearing one at home unless you are into the tan line thing.

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6 Responses Mar 10, 2009

Well, me and my husband have been posting our naked and **** pictures on the internet for close to ten years now. People enjoy seeing us because we are real everyday people and not actors.

LOVE the attitude!!!

If the whole world saw me buck naked it would not bother me a bit.

"if someone does see us naked quite frankly we don't care." Hmmm.... Frankly, how would you feel about it if the whole world saw you naked? Hmmmmm?

Couldn't have said it better! ...Why Bother?!? I do have to say, though, that I am completely Jelous! ;-)

Amen to everything you said!