Love to Skinny Dip

It's been many years but I have skinny-dipped but not since I was a teenager.

My first wife wouldn't dream of it. My second and hopefully only other wife now would do it easily.

The only problem I have is that she's insecure about me seeing other women. She isn't embarrassed to be seen by other men but she's only willing to go skinny dipping if there aren't any other women around. It's maddening. So for me to get her swimming it will have to be at a pool or beach where we're mostly alone or far away from other women. I think to skinny dip with her would be the sexiest thing ever.

blueberry64 blueberry64
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2 Responses Mar 26, 2009

I know what you mean about being with someone who won't skinny-dip. Took me well into my twenties to find someone I could get more than a few dates with. Maybe I was a little too pushy asking about that sort of thing so early in the relationship, but I wasn't going to let myself get too attached to a woman who was shy about her nudity.

Heh... was she bothered at all? In that instance my wife wouldn't have minded. She would have only gotten upset if some one else's wife's **** fell out and I saw them. 50 guys see hers? Not a problem lol