Not Sure Why I Havent Done It

 I love water, it soothes me and makes me feel centered. I have never gone skinny dipping, so I am gonna have to do it.
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My wife and I are nudists and I highly recommend it. There is a remote area on a local river where we go when we can. We are also members of a nudist organization, so we visit nudist parks and resorts when too

try it, it is sooooooo calming, I live on an island on a very remote lake and as soon as I am home from work, my entire life is without the textiles being made by child labour and enslavement of certain foreign countries.

In the past ten years, since becoming a member of a nudist group, I've only worn a swim suit once. That was only because I was vacationing with friends at a Condo in Key West and not a nudist facility. We did visit a beach where we could be nude whle we were there though. You should definitly try it, it'll change your outlook on life.

i never have either but really want to

i never have either but really want to very curious. Where do you live that you never have to wear a suit?...LOL<br />
<br />
My hot tub on back deck is about the only place around here I can think of that wouldnt land me in jail....LOL

You should,...have fun...