Backyard Pool

We have an above ground pool in out backyard. One night last summer I went outside to get something from my car. I heard a little noise back by the pool and went to check it out. When my eyes adjusted to the darkness I could see it was just my brother taking a late night dip. He said "hey its nice weather for a dip why don't you come in?" I said "No" but I kicked off my shoes and climbed up on the deck and stuck my feet in. We talked about how he would be going off to college and how different things were going to be.  My brother climbed up face down on a rubber float and I could see he was naked. "****! are you crazy? What if Mom or Dad sees you!" He said "Nah, there inside watching TV." He egged me on a bit and said I should join him. I looked around a little and I was thinking about doing it. I was afraid I could be seen in the dim light coming from the porch. He teased me a bit, called me chicken. I told him I wasn't chicken just that I wasn't crazy. He kidded me saying how little miss goody twoshoes would never do anything risque'. I looked around again and moved to the end of the deck where it seemed darker. I didn't want to stand up so I slid my shorts off while still sitting down. I took a breath and pulled off my shirt and I was thinking of going in wearing my underwear. he said "Come on, go for it." I slid my panties down and tossed them aside then pulled of my bra and slid into the pool trying not to make any noise. It did feel nice, it was a wonderful free feeling floating around bare *** naked. After a bit we climbed out and shared the one towel to dry off. I pulled on my pants and put on my tee shirt. By now the house was dark, mom and dad had gone to bed. We went in and went to bed ourselves. The next morning I was in the kitchen getting some breakfast when I looked out the window and saw my dad out by the pool. He reached down and picked something up off the ground. My face was beet red when he came inside carryiing the panties I had tossed aside the night before. I think he knew but he didn't say anything. Or maybe he just thought they had fallen from the clothes line.

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Neat story. So have you ever been skinny dipping since?

Great experience, did your dad ever ask about it though?<br />
<br />
Sincerely, Country

i lost my virginity on my 16th b-day while skinny-dipping

It is strange when you see your sister naked. I bumped into her once when she thought everybody was asleep and came out naked from the shower. It was weird, not a very sexual thing, but inevitable to remember every now and again. At that time she was into modeling and very into nutrition, so the body was nice. She saw me naked once also, since I never like clothes, and she entered my room just gasped and left, but she managed to get a good peek

I like your story. I have to think your dad know what happened. He sounds really cool.

You're lucky that you got to experience that at such a young age? Did your parents ever find out? It's too bad that you were so worried about them doing so. Did that make that first experience any less enjoyable? Were you mad at your bother for pressuring into something that you weren't comfortable doing? Have you skinny dipped much since? Did you ever get out of the car what you orginally went out for before getting distracted? Just wondering.

There really is a nice feeling of freedom in skinny dipping. Used to love it before we got a bunch of neighbors and (one in particular who misses NOTHING) Oh well, maybe we'll get a privacy fence. I don't care if the neighbors choose to watch, but my sister has to live here and she has become a huge prude. She was always the wild more. Oh well, sucks to be her and all uptight. :)

Beautifull story.

A definite plus that you got to experience the freedom at a young age. Trust me, it'll be a prized memory later in life. My first time wasn't til I was in my twenties and married (for the second time). Hope you'll stick with it...

Great story!!!! Wish I had a sister.....and wish she would be as adventurous and close to me as you are to your brother. I have an adopted brother, and we are as different as night and day. He thinks my interest in nudism is sick and perverted.....oh well, HIS loss.

I was 16. No biggie really. He is two years older than me. We have always been close.

how old were you at the time?<br />
and how did you feel about your brother seeing you naked?