At the Cabin

About 20 years ago we had a small cabin on a small lake ..only 4 cabins on the lake and probably half mile between them. My wife and I would usually go down to lake each night to clean up ( with our bar of Ivory soap ..remember it floated) one night we looked around and at all 3 of the other cabins EVERYONE was skinny dipping..we were just far enough apart that you could tell no one had swimsuits on but not really close enough to tell any details ..still was an experience sharing the swimming hole so to speak. on another time mid day my brother-in-law ( Wife's brother) and I went skinny dipping while the wives stayed in the shallows with bikinies on was kinda a dare and you know guys and dares( plus a few beers) I guess it was a bit embarrasing for my wife but his wife seemed to enjoy the view.
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Fun times at the lake.