Nearly Got Caught

On my recent camping trip it was only me and my girls for the first couple of nights, we all did losts of skinny dipping at various times alone.

There is nothing nicer than lying back in the river at night and looking up at he stars they are so clear.

One morning I got up and made my way down to the river was getting ready to ***** off, and about 100metres away a boat came out of the bushes, well did that stop me in my tracks, as I'm not an exhibitionist I waited til the boat went past then continued to ***** and jump in the river.

I just had a giggle to myself




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6 Responses Jan 8, 2010

NIce story, especially about dipping with your kids. Demonstrating a lack of fear of nudity in the right circumstances and the joy of free swimming. I hope they keep that spirit of adventure always.

Very nice and a great story. My family are nudists and we go skinny dipping in the water. I have been a nudist since about age 5 and I am 44 years old now. I prefer to be nude at home and not wear any clothes. When dressed I do not wear panties or a bra often.

haha nice , I like to b nude tooo

Once you have gone skinny dipping, regular swimming is just not as fun. Something about wet fabric on your skin is not good.

:) Quite fun. Nothing like deliciously relaxing in the buff. You and the girls sound like you had a great time.

Good for you. Sounds like it was a great time away. May you have many skinny dipping moments.