Opps You Didn't Know I Was Naked

A few yrs ago I worked 3rd shift.  When I got home about 830 AM I would head straight for a local lake with many nature trails.  Since it was during the day and workweek I would hike to my favorite spot ***** down and swim for a while.  One day while swimming a lady and her dog approached before I could get out.  She said that looks like fun and jumped in.  Her dog followed and they frolicked for awhile.  We chatted for a bit and I kept wondering does she know I am skinnydipping.  She was wearing shorts and a tank top.  It was dark in color so not see-thru.  I finally decided I needed to get out and head home for some sleep.  I told her I was getting out and that I was naked.  She blushed and started to say she was sorry but I told her it was OK just want ed to warn her before she saw the rest of me.  She asked if she should turn around while I got out.  I told her it did not matter and headed for shore.  I slipped my shorts on and looked back. She was facing out to the lake so I don't know if she watched me get out or not.  I swam there every day all summer but never saw her again. 

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She wanted you to make sweet love with her and asked you in the best way she could.