When I Was 16

Me, my (ex) boyfriend, and two of his friends that I had just met went for a little dip in the buff one time. It was my idea, so I was the first to start undressing.
I took off my top (a low cut pink tank) and ordered the boys to do the same. Then I turned around, bent down to take off my sandals and slid my tight shorts off. I unhooked my bra (36C) grabbed my breasts and looked back at them. By that time they were down to their boxers. Grrrr ;)  Let my bra drop to the ground, slid my panties off, covered up and turned around. I was embarrased but I enjoyed the attention. They were aroused, and frankly, so was I. The next thing you know, I was stroking my bfs friends right there in the water in front of my boyfriend.

couple minutes later, I told my boyfriend I was thirsty so he went to get us all some drinks (haa dumbass!)  Time goes by, no sign of the boyfriend and I Have to pee real bad, so I get out of the water, find a place and squat down. sooner than later, one of the boys walks up to me, his hard **** just inches from my face. I gasp, and flirtatiously ask "You won't tell my boyfriend, will you?" He grins and says "Maaaybee" and winks at me. So I grab his hard wet man-rod and lick the tip. yummy. lick the shaft....mmmmmmmmm!!!! My ***** starts tingling and I start peeing and sucking his balls and deepthroating him at the same time. Then I lay him on his back and straddle him. working my pelvis and hips.

Next thing you know, the other guy's behind me. Thank god we were wet. I let him in the backdoor. First Dp ;)

He STILL doesnt know what happened    Do it again in an instant;)

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Oh jeez! That's hot!

You have great stories. Was the outcome what you had hoped for when you suggested the skinny dipping?

Love it!!! would love to be in the next time!!! thanks

i had an experience like this my freshman year of college. doubt itwas as hot as this tho

Kittie I think I love you. I have a backyard pool and you're invited over any time you want.<br />
And I think we'd all love it if you shared some details, or you could show them to me personally.


second exsperince will be on in a couple of days. Brace yourself hornkittie lol

Uhhhh if you read the rest of the story Paull.....

way to totally jack my story redtail. U know U can post it by yourself right? That was pretty hot tho. Just wish you coulda used paragraphs for such a long story. And maybe better spelling

Wish you coulda been there too JCSP22

It's a pitty I wasn't there

Thanks for the extensive review, Pnmmws :) No, he didn't know what I was doing. Fortunately I was able to wash myself off in the water

Hehe thanks Badger, cant wait :)

I'm interested. Up to you.

Ohh there's more HStoner ;)

Well done.

Oh, post the details. Others do.

Nope :) They came in my hands so I just wiped it all on my legs.

I bet you do, Two4one :) hehe It gets better, but I dont think anyone here wants to read the details

Very ;) I LOVE the feel of a mans hard **** in both of my hands. it feels so dirty and liberating at the same.

wish I was one of them!!