In A Ceremonial Way

the past two summers, and this up and coming warmness, i work at a Quaker farm camp in newfoundland, PA. now, the philosophy is astounding, the people are astoundingly awesome, and the scape is beautiful. as a counselor surrounded by the overwhelmingly tranquil and fulfilling lifestyle of Quakerism for a month, all prior life experiences really could mean squat. not entirely true, as most of what i bring to journey's end is regarded with equal importance, just like everyone else. that sense of unity and togetherity allowed me to step in to this camp, without knowing a soul, and create life-long friendships with these people! - days after meeting, i felt as if i already knew them. so that was the introduction. myself and fellow counselors, campers, dogs, cooks, whoever else felt inclined, skinny dip in a ceremonial way: to become acclimated, to view the stars at 3 am whilst doing yoga on the dock, to rid the body of redolent cigarette, to bring the eldest of campers together for ultimate good times, for neked kicks! i mean, this has been since the 60s, so why stop now?

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1 Response Feb 26, 2010

Sounds very pleasant.