How Nerds Skinny Dip

(I posted this under I Saw a Family Member Naked, and my brother told me I should put it in some skinny dipping groups, so here goes)

Looking through all of these stories reminded me of an adventure of the early 1980s.  Before I was married, my husband, his brother, and his brother’s wife went to a lake to swim.  We had all been married about a year.  Upon arrival, we discovered there was no place to change.  OK, we were going to go skinny dipping.  And it was the middle of the day.  (My first thought now, why didn’t I use sun screen.)

While being nude with members of the opposite sex was not new to me (my brother and I have posted stories on this web site), but I had never been undressed with this group.

On other occasions, we all just sort of undressed.  This time, everyone (even me) seemed reluctant to begin to undress.  We thought of leaving, but we all wanted to go skinny dipping.  We decided we needed a plan.  We decided we should get undressed in a balance manner.

We took an inventory, and discovered that the boys were wearing T-shirts, underwear, and shorts.  The girls the same, plus bras.  We should try and achieve parity in undressing.

What followed was a lively discussion of the relative merits of exposing body parts.  How did exposing my 36C breasts compare with my sister-in-laws 32A?  And if a girl shows more cleavage when dressed (36C versus 32A), does she get a deduction, since she has already shown part of her breasts.

Girls have two breasts, one vagina, and seem to have more to expose.  But a guy has a penis with two testicles.  Does a penis with two testicles equal two breasts plus a vagina?  And if your clitoris shows through your pubic hair (mine does), does that have a different value that a clitoris that is covered.  And, if one of the guys gets an erection, does that count more than a limp penis?  What about a semi-erection?  And do we consider people as individuals or couples?

Part of skinny dipping is looking at members of the opposite sex.  So after one person removed an article of clothing, we decided we should wait a minute to allow the others to look.  We made a lot of rules, and the discussion took a while.

Finally, I stood up and removed my shirt.  Now my 36C breasts were covered only by a bra, with a lot of cleavage showing.  We never discussed if cleavage in a bra adds points.  Next, my brother-in law removed his shirt, as did my husband.  Big deal.  Then my brother-in-law’s wife removed her shirt.  No cleavage visible, so I thought my turn should be skipped.  No luck, so off with the shorts.  The two guys followed, as did my brother-in-law’s wife.

Her panties were very shear, so she asked for extra points.  Nobody agreed.  We stood there for a minute, and I removed my bra.  And gave the guys a good look.  Through my brother-in-law’s underwear, an erection was visible.  We all agreed that his underwear were the next things off.  OK, he is well equipped and it was only a semi-erection.  I then removed my panties, and the erection got a bit bigger (not full thought).  My husband removed his underwear, and I saw a limp penis.  My brother-in-law’s wife removed her bra, and I saw my husband’s penis begin to rise.  Off with her panties, and his penis got a noticeably bigger.  I thought that I would have to speak with him about this later.

We took turns giving each other a “show”, and then went swimming.  The erections went away, never to return during our time skinny dipping.  (Oh, but we had great sex when we got home that evening.  And I got pregnant that night, but we were ready to start a family anyway).

That was the last time I went skinny dipping, but the memory will last forever.  Despite the slight sexual component, I really feel it was good, clean, fun.  And when I look at what my kids want to watch (like Two-and-a-half Men, now banned in my house), I think this skinny dipping is much more wholesome.

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1 Response Mar 2, 2010

Great story, and it sounds like it was a great experience. However, I'd try skinny-dipping again. It is fun at any age.