Play Pen

I’ve actually only slept in a play pen but I hope to one day have an adult size crib to sleep in every night.

BabySasuke BabySasuke
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4 Responses Mar 15, 2010

I love sleeping In my crib it's all I sleep In

I don't know if you would like it all the time. I found a hospital "youth" crib for sale and bought it without permission. I used my own money and everything but I still got in trouble for buying it. I got to sleep in it a couple of times when I wanted to and it was fun. But then my mommy decided that she didn't like the little leaks of my diapers making the adult bed smell like pee and she didn't like my sleeping noises so she made me sleep in the crib all the time. Cribs don't have top sheets or blankets like adult beds so when she puts me to bed I have to wear a footy jammie to stay warm. Some time is OK but all the time is upsetting. It's working on my mind. I don't feel like I'm capable anymore.

you can sleep in my crib

I hope you get a chance to sleep in one! I know a website that has really good quality cribs if you are interested.