Going Outside In My Nightie

Last night about 2:00 AM I went outside wearing my new Miss Elaine gown. It was very cool and the wind was blowing. The wind made my gown swish around me. Wonderful feeling. I reached up under my gown and took off the slip I was wearing under it so I would feel only the sheer nylon rippling against my skin and my privates. Delicious.

Then very early this morning, I remembered something I had forgotten to get from my car. Still wearing my nightie, I went out to get it, and daylight was just coming, so I was in plain view of the neighborhood if anyone had been watching. Who knows, maybe someone was?

Feeknoxman wrote recently of a similar experience. I thought of that when I went out to my car. Getting a little bolder.

In my dreams a pretty woman sees me in my nightgown and wants to play with me.
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4 Responses May 16, 2012

This morning I went out in broad daylight to get the newspaper, still wearing my nightgown, a pale blue Vanity Fair bought on Ebay, with a VF half-slip underneath.. I heard a vehicle and beat a hasty retreat. It was a pickup truck. Just what I need, to be caught be some redneck guy in his pickup. Then a car came past. After these two were gone, I went on out and got my paper. Pretty exciting.

i go on my deck all the time at night.love the wind and how it feels on my skin.in a short nightie the wind blows it up so my thong is exposed.i feel so wicked

I wish I had an outdoor place to sit in my nightgowns. It is quite cool here in the evenings, even in summer, so it would be great.

It is a wonderful feeling the breeze up a full length silk nightie, I often go out in my back garden wearing only a nightie as my back garden is big and gives total privacy, sometimes at noon I sit out wearing silk knickers.