I always have and always will, I wear a full length silk or satin nightdress every night, I rarely wear pajamas.
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66-70, F
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I find this so very alluring and sensual...

Oh yes!

Would you please add me to your freinds Pamela

Lovely DaddyC

love to see you in that as we become friends

just another mark of how classy You are.

It is quite damp and depressing down south so the thought of you and your lovely lingerie brings a wonderful warmth to my mind. Please add me to your circle so we can keep in touch.

PS: I always sleep naked and have done for the past 40 years!

Satin gowns are to die for. Anyone who has never experienced sleeping in one is missing out on comfort beyond words to explain it.
You know me and my love for nightgowns. lol Give me a satin gown and add a chiffon night jacket over it and I'm in seventh heaven.

Me too!

They are so comfy to sleep in

So wish I had the freedom to wear a nylon nightgown every night!

Just do it, you will love it.

Wouldn't it be nice to be wearing nightgowns together on vidcam?

Hi Pamela. Can you add me as a friend? Would love to have more 'gurl talk'.

I am the same and have a preference for nighties.