Giving My Breasts A Well Deserved Break

I don't like wearing bras, but my breasts are large enough that I'm one of those unlucky people who can't get away with being bra-less in public.

When I was around 11 or so and my breasts started to swell at an alarming rate, my mother and I would get into all kinds of fights about whether or not it was time for me to start wearing a bra. I really hated the idea; it just seemed so confining... plus, mentally, I was late bloomer in the sexual sense, but my body was an early bloomer causing me much anguish and humiliation.

Just having such a mature thing as BREASTS attached to my body made me feel humiliated; one day I was a stick thin little tomboyish kid and then the next I had breasts sticking out from my previously flat chest... I couldn't help thinking of COWS and UDDERS whenever I thought of what their intended purpose was for. 

For me it was a traumatic experience and I didn't want to give my breasts anymore power over me by acknowledging their existence (denial stage).

But then, to have my mother broach the subject and even fight with me about it....


My mother didn't force me to get a bra though, even though i could tell that she found the site of my bra-less state gross, so I guess I have to give her some props for that.

At some point, my nipples started to chafe something fierce, and I finally gave in to my mother. I had to go to her and tell her that I wanted a bra after all... humiliation all over again. Of course, I refused to go with her to buy it, so she had to guess my size. In fact, I refused to go into a store and even look at bras, much less buy one, through middle school and a portion of high school. Luckily my mom was understanding about getting them for me.

So when I sleep at night, I like to free my chest from its society enforced bondage. Sometimes I'll wear pajama pants and panties, but almost always I'll be nude on top. Also, since discovering the joys of sex and dating, I've found that instead of wasting money on fancy lingerie (why does it gotta be so damn expensive!?), I can just sleep naked when I'm sharing a bed with a significant other and I haven't heard any complaints with that policy so far :)

Also, skin to skin contact with a lover while cuddling in bed just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside :)

,,,and I like waking up to the occasional intimate fondle during the night which happens much more often when I'm nude and accessible to his hands and mouth :)
WindRose WindRose
31-35, F
May 6, 2012