Have Done This

Yes I have taken other cds to bed. We did many things on those nights. Yes all of the oral and anal fun we wanted. This is the weird part we actually did sleep some. Just a bunch of exhausted crossdressers with our lip stick smeared and our makeup a mess.
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4 Responses May 5, 2012

But when you look in the mirror & see your lipstick smeared, your mascara has run with all that gooey stuff, & looking down & seeing your **** covered in different colour lipstick. plus a funny feeling in your ***, then you remember what last night was all about !

sounds delightful love a night of good hard sex and that exhausted feeling it brings. I love a man to leave knowing he has been exhausted by me

The nightgown also gets sticky in spots.

Wake up in the morning to see "makeup a mess" might just be enough to get things started again ;-)