Grabbing It All Night Long.

Through out the years I've develop this habit of grabbing my guy's penis when we go to sleep together for the day.
Sadly for me as much as I wish, not always the guy is sleeping naked next to me.  I still grab, but I'll grab his underwear.
Yep I can finally fall asleep peacefully only, if I am grabbing something from him.
I need to grab something, anything from him.  This is because he is taken already. I won't neglect him, not even while we sleep.
Hey it takes much work to get a man and is my intention to keep him, though.  Apparently grabbing him while he sleeps is not enough, because until this day, I am still not able to keep a man.  Nah, I didn't loose any...they loose me.
So I will keep on grabbing my guy's penis in my hand all night long and I hope I get to keep the next one.
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12 Responses May 4, 2011

I want to be your man...

Well I love striking a penis such a turn on

i like this story, i have to try doing this it sounds nice, i think it would make me feel more secure.

nice honest story

Grabbing our man while sleeping is like grabbing a security blanket.. many of us are unsecure of our man and holding him in our hand is just natural for me..

I had a girlfriend who liked to go to sleep with my testicles in her hand. It was frightening. What if she had a nightmare and squeezed. I was torn between erotic ecstasy, and begging her to desist. If she let me go, she would just grab again when I was asleep. Made it difficult if I woke up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night.

Sounds wonderful, must make the guy feel safe and secure, how touching(no pun intended)

I will never be happy unless i find a relationship like this. This is not a fantasy from a man who just needs release, this is a need that will leave me un-forefilled until i find it.

Honest Sara,<br />
You will have the man of your dreams. You need only to continue down your path with your eyes open to new adventure. Continued Success, Chris

You grab, which is a thing I DO really love by the way, and thereafter you kick them out?"Quote: Nah, I didn't loose any...they loose me. /quote. Was it worth the grabbing than?<br />
Or did you mean that they left you but you feel that's a stupid thing to do ( which I can imagine) so in that way they lost you ..... ?<br />
I neeeed to know ;) <br />
<br />
xxxWanna<br />
<br />
PS: do those guys ever sleep? I know I couldn't ;)

You can grab me anytime !! 22 and..wish i hav a gf like u..!