Sleep With His Penis On My Hand

I have been married for 6 years, and every night my husband and me when we sleep together I grip his penis or balls or both on my hand all night, and he put his hand on my ***** and introduce into my vagina one or two fingers as deep as he can, and we sleep almost all the night in that way.

Sometimes he ********** me several times until we fall asleep.

Some times I stimulate him to get an erection of his penis and I take advantage of that and I manage  in a way that we finished having sex, or I ********** him spreading his ***** all over my body.

That happen almost every night when he is at home.

Sometimes even if I am menstruating, I have the proudest feeling that my husband love to have sex while I am in my menstruation period.


Jennylou83 Jennylou83
26-30, F
5 Responses Jan 22, 2010

So romantic and erotic, it's really a plaesure to play with each other's sex organs as much as possible!

This is awesome. Back in the day when the wife and I had sex almost daily, her menstruation period was something I know I looked forward too. She explained the first few times that it did help her to not cramp up and the flow time was reduced. A couple towels or just a few minutes of prep and there was nothing that created a (mess). I exjoyed having sex with her any and every day of the week. Oh how I miss the old days.

i love waking up to find this happening to me

The times my wife holds my penis in bed, I find it impossible to go to sleep. I will lay there with an erection but can't drift off. If she falls asleep before releasing her grip, I'll have to get up from bed to ********** so I can fall asleep.

Jenny, we have several things in common. This is how we are too. Glad you shared it. Let's see how many others do like you and I do. Love ya. Bonnie.