And I Do, Most Times!

I love smelling fresh and clean! Just a simple scent of Dove soap and deodorant. No perfumes. Maybe a hint of lavender, if I had added that to my bath. But that's only when I have bad painful nights and ache all over. Then the lavender salts are added, so that I may get some decent sleep. :-)

I do have an honest and nice crisp scent about me. Nothing spectacular, but nice! And I hate it when I don't smell too good. Some days, I will be working hard, running errands. With the sweat of the exercise, I start to smell ripe! I always notice this and turn around in circles, in a panic! I yell to my mother or sister, "I stink! I need to take a bath!" Both claim that they smell nothing, but I never believe them, smelling myself and gaging, "You don't smell that???" And into the tub I jump! XD

And then I am relaxed and panic-free, as I am back to smelling nice again. :-)

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Mar 25, 2009