Sniffing Friends Panties While They Were Still On

I slept over at my friends houses many times while growing up and I always look forward to it so I could enjoy sniffing and licking there dirty panties after they went to sleep. Grabbing a pair of there dirty panties and heading off to the bathroom to sniff and lick them while I fingered myself was the usual thing I did. But one time my thoughts about my friends wet spot between her legs was overwhelming my thoughts as she laid there asleep in just her panties and a tshirt. The room was lit buy the television that was left on and I could see that the covers had fallen off of her leaving her laying there on her back exposing her panty covered spot. I was so excited and so wet, I was about to grab some of her dirty panties and head off to the bathroom to enjoy them as I always have done. But my thoughts of her juicy spot behind those panties kept getting me more and more excited. From the many times I smelled and licked her panties I knew what she smelled like and tasted like but I wanted to smell her scent as fresh as one could, I wanted to put my nose close to her and smell her through her panties as she wore them. As my thoughts about this continued I got so excited, nervous and wet, I was shaking at the thought of smelling her through her panties as she slept. I made some noise a few times and even bumped her to see how sound she was sleeping, certainly did not want her to wake up and see my head between her legs and my nose so close to her panty covered spot sniffing away. She did not move so I got up and kneeled in front of her and put my head closer and closer inbetween her legs, again I was so excited, nervous and I kept getting wetter and wetter I felt as if I was going to drip my juices out I was so wet. My nose got within a few inches, I was trying to be calm so I did not wake her up, my hose got within an inch of her panty covered spot and I started to inhale, oh my her fresh scent was amazing and you could actually feel the heat coming off her. To be so close to her and to smell her fresh aroma was so amazing, I wanted to slip a finger inside me but I did not want to move around to much or make to much noise as to wake her and see her friend with her nose an inch from her and fingering herself, that would have been hard to explain. I sniffed her like this for a while and I was just aching to go and release myself, I was so wet I probably made the squishing noise as I walk to the bathroom with a pair of her dirty panties ready to do my usual ************ with her panties up to my nose as I ***********. To sniff her while she was laying there in her panties was such a turn on. I only got to do it once but everytime I *********** with her panties after that I thought back to the time I got to smell her through her panties.
apantygirl apantygirl
22-25, F
Nov 28, 2012