Smelling Another Girls Panties

Smelling panties is something that gets me so turned on, horny and soaking wet. I know there are other girls like myself who get turned on by the scents of themselves or other girls. Growing up my brothers girlfriend stayed over for the weekend while my parents were gone on vacation. It started out with me just checking to see if her panties needed to be washed so I brought them up to my nose quickly and I could not beleive how turned on I instantly got. I took them back to my bedroom and shut my door and ******** down to my panties and layed on my bed and brought the panties back up to my hose and inhaled her scent. I felt myself getting wetter and put my hand down and started to rub myself while her panties were pressed against my nose, I had such an intense ******. I totally recommend that other women try ************ with a pair of panties pressed against there nose, whether its your own panties or someone else panties, the excitement of it, the scents will add so much more to your ******.
apantygirl apantygirl
22-25, F
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