A Little Intimate Gesture That I Find Pleasant

Ha Ha Ha.  I just had an image:  me saying this in the middle of a crowd of complete strangers, and everyone's reactions of self-consciously making sure that my nose doesn't go anywhere near their heads!  Obviously that is not what this story is about. 

When I have a girlfriend, this is something that I do enjoy.  Not in some crazy-obsessive fetish anything sort of way.  I suppose its roots (pun intended) comes from growing up with a hippie mom, whose hair trailed long and straight down her whole back.  While growing up, mom liked it if me or my brother sat behind her and gently combed her hair for a while.  I guess I found it relaxing, although I wouldn't have used that specific word at the time.  I would have thought of it as just a nice thing to do for mom.

Anyway, whether or not that actually has anything to do with it, nowadays when I'm in a relationship with someone, I find it pleasant to breath in the scent of her hair.  It's a simple yet intimate gesture which I find pleasant and like to share.  A woman's hairstyle is one of the things that I find so attractive about her.
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2 Responses Aug 6, 2010

You're welcome. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

This is very sweet.. thank you for sharing something special : )