I Like To Smile Till My Cheek Hurt Then I Laugh Lol

This past tuesday i was in class and my teacher had us get into groups and i was thinking about nothing in particluar but while one of my classmates were talking to me i just broke out in a huge grin for no reason and at first he ignored it but then it seemed like everytime he talked i would smile...i have no clue why, but i was in a happy mood lol. And finally he askes me if there somethin on his face because i keep smiling and i said nope its not, and he goes everytime i look at you it makes me wanna smile back its so contangious....i like laughter...i smile at babies, and strangers, and anybody who looks like they need one


whose ever nearly busted a gut from laughing so hard to the point where your gasping and trying not to laugh so your ribs can stop hurting but ends up falling on the floor from all that laughter. that usually starts with a look, a smile or a joke or someone saying something that makes no sense..ive prolly going off topic..oops

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2 Responses Mar 12, 2010

You could if you wanted to, turn your lips up, lol

i wish i could smile.....maybe if you talked to me i would