What Is Bong?

Many years ago while just a kid still living at home my mother asked me a question. "Honey, What is Bong?" as we were driving into town. I don't know why this little memory has never left me, but I can still see the sunlight dancing throught the trees, and the interior of my mom's LeBaron. I laughed. It's called LOL now, but back then I just laughed. My response, "MOM, it's called A BONG, and you smoke pot with it!" She laughed, "OOhhh" she said. I should make her some Chocolate Chubbies w/ my Super Skunk. I wonder if she would think she was having some kind of allergic reaction, and call 911 once the herb took? LMAO. ...Maybe I will...
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I smoked pot almost daily for 40 years! Mary Jane was my 1st drug love! I loved the way she felt, looked, smelled and her sweet kisses drove me wild! Years ago, in 1971, my Mom, who was a school nurse(RN) and years ahead of her time - pushed for sex and drug education - was asking me questions about pot and acid! She read an article in JAMA and said to me "You are right!" I got her to smoke pot when dad was still at work. the 1st time she didnt feel anything, but the 2nd time, when telling me that it didnt work, she broke out in giggles! She said that the feeling had faded and she didnt want anymore, so I went out. She hadnt baked in years, but when I came home she had make a chocolate cake and a chocolate cream pie! She said that she would start to do something and then forget what she was doing! She didnt smoke pot again because she didnt like the feeling of not being in control!<br />
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I also smoked pot with my cousins, my big sis, and my aunt, and my mom(she did try it one more timeL and the only ones that had gotten stoned before were me and my little cous! It was a riot - maybe I'll tell you later, if you play your cards right - Okay I will - food finesse!<br />
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I havent smoked pot in 3 years, but I would love to watch you smoke (dont drink either) - wahy don't you bring some when we enjoy that movie marathon together - and dont worry, I wont take advantage of you! I think that I would like to get to know you better - before I try! ;-) Only kidding (sort off) LOL

I suffer from Insomnia. I only started smoking within the last year. Grape Ape is my fav. and I do get stuck on the couch. Just got some Indica Super Skunk that JACKS ME RIGHT UP! I like... makes me want to clean my house.. LOL So it isn't really helping with the insomnia... I'm a pot snob...Like Coffee, Wine. or a good Filet Mignon... I don't have it that often, but when I want it, it's got to be really good. A zip will last me a few months...

Back in the day, we didnt have names like that. We smoked "High Altitude Mexican" Columbian, Jamaican, Hawaiian, Michocan (from Mexico) - All good to great pot, but 911 put pretty much of an end to that - Damn Terroists!

I got my hands on some... they were calling it Queen Diesel... my superpower was super sonic hearing... craziest thing ever

I used to go through it like candy and when I got high I would go through candy like candy!

You are old...

lol... you callin me old?

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