I Love Weed

Living down here in the bible belt, the views towards marijuana aren't exactly progressive. I work with people that constantly go out for drinks after work and on the weekends, yet buy into the propaganda weed is bad for you.

All I know, is that I never had a weed hangover the next day at work. Keeps me calm, happy, and relieves all the stress I built up after a day at work.
TheLoneCharles TheLoneCharles
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1 Response May 11, 2012

I once heard a retired police chief say that he wants to see marijuana legalised. His reasons were that he was never called out on a disturbing of the peace call, a domestic violence call, a robbery, car jacking, arson, etc. You name it, his experience with weed was almost non existent. <br />
Yes, he arrested them if they were selling it, and often times someone had smoked it while they were intoxicated on alcohol. BUT, it is a non violent, non confrontational type of drug. I thought that this was brave of him to come out talking like this. Because, you're right, too many people buy into the bullsh#t they are fed through anti-drug propaganda. Propaganda that lumps weed in with cocaine, LSD & even angel dust. It's stupid if you ask me. <br />
People are more relaxed and calm, like you say, rather then hopped up on meth and alcohol and doing stupid things. You just don't see stoners out committing crimes. They would rather be enjoying a sunset, watching tv or snacking. I appreciate your post.