Most Mind Blowing Experience To Me

i smoked one time in my room. i song played off my playlist. it was a strange one. one i wasen't familar with. i let it play through for a while for its new nature to my ears( 1812 overture). as the song played on i caught how it mimmicked emotions. going up and down in its pitch, like a story playing. i could understand the launguage. bu tthe launguage was meant to bring one to their fears. soon my thoughts folloew the song. i would become parionoid and the music would follow with hideious and dangerous rythms. then i'd think, no this isen't happening, and the music would lighten up and become soothing. then i'd slowly get to wondering, fearing, that it would come back to tell me all was not safe and pain would ensue. then my actions started being followed by the music. it was strange... like i understood who the composer was, and that we were the same people. he was talking to me and i understood what he said exactly. it was a great experiance that has made me a stronger person, at least in my faith towards the unbeliveable

kinnertwo kinnertwo
22-25, M
1 Response Feb 9, 2010

What a cool experience. You make me want to really get into some music. Thanks.