Sniffing My Panties

I get so hot when I take off my panties and bring them to my nose. My aroma is a real turn on to me. It makes me **********! And I *** so hard and fast! I have always enjoyed sniffing panties and I know exactly why my husband and other men enjoy sniffing panties. I wonder how many of my boyfriends growing up sniffed my panties or my sisters panties or my moms panties. I would have liked to have caught them and told them that I also enjoy sniffing panties. Growing up I sniffed all my friends panties, there sisters panties, and there moms panties. I have left a pair of my panties in our bathroom when my husbands friends are over and I have even heard them sniffing and jacking off with them and have heard them grunt when they blew there load, what an amazing turn on it is to hear someone getting off with your panties. I've even found one of my husbands buddy's *** on the croch of the panties that I left! Mmmmm, I had to taste it too, nothing like cleaning a pair of panties with your tongue. Check out our profile for more about us.
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1 Response Jun 20, 2011

I love women who sniff and lick their panties. Would love to hear more about what first got you started sniffing and licking your own panties, thanks, jman