Neigbourly Deed

In conversation with my neighbour who is a plumpish womanin late 60's she mentioned her annoyance that her washing machine had broken down and that she would have to go to the laundrymat.
I offered that she was welcome to use my machine which she gratefully accepted.She brought down her load and placed it in my machine but I said I would run the machine after I had my shower and let her know when it was finished.
When she left I searched the load and to my delight found a couple of pairs of nylon panties that were stained at the front and back.Just the sight had me a raging erection and as I raised them to my nose I started becoming dizzy with excitement. I ran my nose from the front taking in the aroma of her ***** discharge and pee and moving towards the back was captured by the smell of her skid marks on the nylon.It was so good that I sucked on one pair and sniffed heavily on the other.With my free hand I *********** for some time before unleashing my load.
I wanted to keep the panties but thought better as she would no doubt become aware they were missing.
I will ask her up for a drink and try my luck with her
denpet denpet
56-60, M
Sep 18, 2012