The Dirtiest They Have Been

So far the dirtiest i have ever smelled was a pair I wore for 4 days in a row while I was ovulating. Someone had made a request for really dirty panties on my website, not just the four days but also skidmarks and a few drops of pee.

The pee thing was easy enough I just didn't wipe too much after going to the bathroom but I was worried that the poo stains might smell and people would know so i didn't do that to the last day.

Anyway by the end of day 4 these things were filthy, I am normally really creamy when I'm ovulating anyway but every time I thought about how dirty the panties i was wearing were i got wet and that only added to the mess. Not to mention I was ************ more than usual.

The gusset was hard and crusty almost with my dried girl *** and there were some lovely colors on the white cotton gusset. Normally my ***** is quite sweet smelling and almost fruity but these were just really overpoweringly strong, maybe that was because of the skidmarks, I haven't really smelled my *** much so I don't know.

Anyway that was by far the dirtiest pair of panties I've ever sniffed, shame they are always mine.
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1 Response Jan 21, 2013

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