My Daughter Panties

I notice from the last few days that my 12 yr old daughter's panties have a cream color discharge on them.
What does this mean? Is she started sex with friends? Dad
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8 Responses Nov 17, 2011

When you finished ******* her did you wipe your **** on her panties?

mmmm i love sniffing pt panties

What are you doing looking at your daughters panties ? Did you happen to smell them? Ummm I would love to smell your daughters freshly worn panties .

My daughter gets that just before she begins her period

no it just means she is maturing

i love to smell my daughters panties love the smell of her pee her juices an as she got older her sexual juices

Me too very big turn on

Lots of girls have discharge on their panties without having sex.

good for her