I Always Sneak Into My Sister In-laws Closet To Smell Her Dirty Panties

Whenever going to my Sister in-laws house I am always looking for an opportunity to sneak into her room and go into her closed and search for her dirty panties. I have had several lucky ventures of finding dirty panties and smelling oh so smelly and I take them into the bathroom as my C*** is instantly rock hard when they smell so strong and I don't know what it is but when I am smelling dirty panties I c** so hard.

One time I snuck into her closet and found a black pair of her panties and she must have pleasured herself in them as they were covered in cream and without even thinking i ******** naked and m********* and shot all over her dirty panties and then took pictures with my phone getting a picture with my hard c*** and c** all over her dirty panties and was so turned on thinking I could be caught at any moment.
Dexterlibra Dexterlibra
Dec 7, 2012