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Socks Sniffing

Ive been sniffing socks and shoes since my early teenage ages.  started with my mom's shoes an pantyhose that i dig from the laundry basket and my own dirty socks and tights.
Now I sniff at my gf shoes, dirty socks and stockings. W
hen she put her two socked feet in my face i close my eyes and i sniff and suck on her feet so yummy.

NemesisLusch NemesisLusch 22-25, F 4 Responses Apr 19, 2011

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Sounds good. I love to sniff women's shoes. Get hard by only sniffing some well worn shoes. I like it when the shoes are smelly and the toe parts are cheesy :-)

i love that too so much

i love that too so much

My girlfriend lets me kiss her socks and then she gets into it and makes me take them off with my teeth and lick her toes and feet.

oh that sound so yummy , :D

what does her socks smell like?

yummy :)

That's really sexy! I would love to suck and lick on y gf's sock clad feet but they are too sensitive and ticklish for that, boo! I sometimes get her worn socks from the laundry and will sniff, lick and suck at them. I like to get them really wet with my saliva so that they feel slippery against my hot tongue, drooling over them and imagining she is still wearing them......