I Love To Be Spanked By A Strong Man!

 I joined this group not because I want to spank girls (although I'd be willing to try it!), but because I am a girl who loves to be spanked by a strong man. I like the idea of a man telling me that as I've been behaving like a naughty little girl, he will treat me like one and spank me until I learn my lesson.

Then he will make me go and get the paddle and wait in the bedroom. When he comes in, he'll sit down on the bed and lecture me about my behavior and say he's only doing this for my own good. He'll then make me pull down my pants and panties and lay across his strong hard lap while he firmly secures me with one hand and applies a good warming to my butt with his other hand. There's nothing like feeling the cool air on your bare behind while knowing that all too soon your bottom will be very hot and red indeed!

All the while he's talking to me saying that I deserve this and that he won't hesitate to spank me anytime I misbehave, no matter where we are or who knows about it. If I act like a bad girl, he will pull down my panties and spank me like a bad girl. I'll be begging and saying I'm sorry and he'll tell me I should have thought of that before I misbehaved and that I will be a sorry little girl when he's finished with me. Then he'll take the paddle and apply it sharply to my behind as I cry and plead. He'll tell me I'm never too old for a spanking and he's the best guy for the job. Then as the tears roll down my face, he'll ask me if I'm going to be good from now on. I won't answer at first, but then I'll get a sharp smack with the paddle while he asks me again and I'll tell him I will be good. Then he'll rub my very sore and very hot bottom and wipe away my tears. Then he will stand me up, pull up my panties and pants and give me a hug. And I will always know what to expect next time I think of being naughty!

spanked1277 spanked1277
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I would do but with the exception of bending u over and eating u *****

Your never to old for a spanking. I agree.

Any time you come through Dallas, let me know - you have a spanking waiting for you.

mmmm nice story...<br />
I have been spanked by hand... paddle and cane... but my FAVORITE is the flogger....<br />
Girls, there are more boys out there willing to beat your little *** than you think... but the best ones are the experienced DOMs. <br />
They know just how to do it, and make you feel like a bad girl.

I completely agree with Spanked 1277.Even I have similar type of fascination that i will be spanked hard by my hubby when i do something wrong.Have never been spanked in my life & so wanna experience it..though i feel more excited at the thought of getting spanked by belt/cane instead of his hand or paddle..those guys having experience will be able to tell which one is more painful & enjoyable..

I've got a paddle; I'm ready anytime you are!