Bare Bum In The Morning

I have recently taken to punishing myself for my misdeeds , if I ********** , smoke , get moody , I wait until the following morning and after showering go naked to my bedroom and select from my selection of C.P toys a suitable implement , I have a cane , strap and a small whip , decide on a suitable punishment , position myself over the bed and administer a beating , if i feel that the stroke wasnt effective I re apply it and make sure that my bottom is burning before I stop , and look at my hot bum in the mirror , the beating always makes me semi erect , but I then dress and go off to work with the thoughts of my red arse fresh to excite me through the day . Last night I wanked myself thinking about the strap , so am going to give myself 12 strokes of the strap for staining the sheets and 12 cuts of the cane for ************ , my **** is getting hard as I contemplate my beating ,
If anyone would like to be my mentor or confessor please make contact
walpolelad walpolelad
51-55, M
Jan 10, 2013