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i have always liked the idea of spanking myself and for a while i thought i was the only one so i kept it a secret until one day my current boyfriend Mike walked in on me spanking myself. I was embaressed at first i wonded if he would think it was weird or anything but he simply walked over and grabbed the spoon from my hand
" you need to do a better job" he said then he showed me what a good spanking was like then after a few minutes he had me continue. I could see him getting hard and whenever i tried to make my spanking lighter Mike would grab the spoon and show me how to do it again. After twenty minutes he said i had enough and he let me up. Now whenever i want to turn Mike on i take a wooden spoon or whatever and spank myself until my *** is sore
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4 Responses Jan 21, 2013

Mike is a very lucky guy. Maybe when you want a really spanked bottom you should just hand him the spoon and present your bare bottom across his lap and tell him to blister it. Of course if it turns him on to watch and occasionally help you do it then that's good too

In what way would you spank yourself?Bent over, lying flat, what implement?Spanking yourself needs some skill and practice, I experienced,that is.

Congrat. on having a bf so understanding ! I also enjoy spanking myself. I do it for two reasons 1. I need a spanking, but noone around to give it to me.2. I simply do it for my pleasure, because it`s so strange and naughty to do it, so I get wet within minutes. What implement do you use for self spanking? I started with spoon, but I proceeded to cane. The cane really hurts, and it produces thes nice stripes, that I fel up afterwards with one hand, the other in my wet *****. But one needs some practice, to apply the cane properly, hitting the flehy part of bottom vigorously.

It hurts more, that is, so you dont need to smack so vigorously, which is not so easy in self spanking. And the stripes I trace with my fingertips...... mmmmhhhh!

this very eye opening subject, very hot story mike is lucky man wish find a girl that do that for me id be happier guy:-)