I Enjoy Spanking Boys And Girls.

I love the feeling the power I over others. I am a mature maternal disciplinarian I only enjoy spanking people who I know. I just started spanking my 41 year old son. He asked for my help I told him he needs discipline in his life. So now at least once a week we meet and go over the week. If he has done well and what he should be doing then we just go over goals. If he has been lazy or not behaving. I get the belt out and have him bend over the chair. I then yes with his pants on give him 10 to 30 swats. I am vary good at spanking my swats are vary painful. I have a hidden cam so I can review his or who ever I am disciplining. I love seeing the pain in there faces it is so beautiful to me. I find the power is such a turn on for me. I mentor this girl who is 20 I started working on her over one and a half years ago. She is so cute when my belt lands on her little behind. I love how she bites her lip and closes her eyes and cry like a 5 year old. I now have her go down on me after her spanking. I never used to do that but I enjoy it as I look at her red behind. Next week I am going to have her suckle me and start to call me mother. I have started to love my mommy role.
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I love to be spanked by a woman. It's very erotic and it helps me get closure on a transgression.