I like to spank others.  The bottom is such a sensual part of the body to spank and play with.


I also enjoy being across the knee of someone and spanked.  Those tingling smacks,  that sensual position,   that bare bottom getting sore.Bringing back those childhood memories..................nice

Bottomly Bottomly
56-60, M
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I get turned on over a mans knee when he pulls my knickers down. I get wet knowing what's happening next.

Absolutely true Canestripe!

Hi BottomlyI agree the warm well spanked bottom is a lovely experience and to be caned as opposed to a hand spanking is far more challenging.The stripes left after a session and not being able to sit well for a day or two is something to be relished and enjoyed

Yes, you could not have describe both situations better!!<br />
SOOO erotic to see the red lines forming and turn to purple, or the tingling of the smacks on the bum, while one is in a erotic position.