Sorry, If I Offend!

From age 7 until age 21... I had no voice. I hardly spoke on things. I had no beliefs that were mine, but what others told me I should have. I had no original thought, just expressing what the people around me thought and felt... And this is where I might have stayed for many more years. But when I was hurt and almost killed by a psychopath... I lost everything.

That girl that just repeated the thoughts of others and believed what everyone else wanted her to... she died, instantly. Those beliefs, thoughts, and opinions that I took on as truth, wasn't so truthful anymore. Of all the info everyone was feeding me, no one told me the important things and how to look out for internet predators... or even how to defend myself. All that was important to everyone was that I followed them, like a sheep, and believe in what they did.

So, until age 21... I didn't even have a mind to speak. So, it's quite recent that I do have a mind, for almost 8 years now. And it's my own mind, my own beliefs, my own way of seeking wisdom. I am no longer a sheep. And though I don't wish to ever offend or hurt anyone... I do have to speak my mind! I had spent most of my life silent and just going along with things. I have a need to express myself now... my true and honest self. :-)

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6 Responses Mar 11, 2009

I've been through the same thing, but it makes me sad the people hate me or call me crazy if I don't agree with them.

Jumps on your lap and hugs you!<br />
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It's important to have your own opinion not being dependent upon others. I know you are intelligent enough to realize that that having and expressing it brings forth it's own responsibilities namely not to hurt others needlessly and to make yourself as informed as possible on that you wish to express a view on.

awww... i got a hug... can u speak some more please ;o)<br />
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Regardless of who you might offend, it is important to speak your own mind. Everyone needs to form opinions of their own.

Thank you! If you don't speak your mind, how <br />
<br />
can we know how you feel?