I Like to Spoon After I Fork

I like to spoon after I fork is not just a way of life, it's also one of my original t-shirts that could be found on one of my websites, paintthetownrude.com. It can also be found as one of my random thoughts on jarodkintz.com.

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34 Responses Mar 24, 2008

DO'H! K, guess I might as well now. You deserve it.<br />
You are one funny guy! I luv your sense of humor!!

thank you, Bob, I am glad to have you as a new friend.

haha yeah, put it back. I enjoyed it.

haha I've always wanted to type "Type your comment here..." I just didn't want to offend the person whose story I wrote it on. You picked the perfect person to write that on. I should have wrote it on myself.

dig the diaper and you will find a BM.<br />
Hump the hamper, and you will be saved in the end.

haha what, am I left out?

I got the scoop on it...if you ladies feel like you can dig?

haha yeah, that is pretty ******.

BM...Bowel Movement...are my initials...as it has been pointed out to me...

no prob, SW.

haha I wouldn't really know, I only drink vodka. And just like the main people who drink vodka, I never Russian to anything online, because I'd hate to have to leave this place and come back. Cybery is a tricky thing.

Sure...but it was never really up to me.

Any sense of regret?

well, I didn't get to know her well enough to explore the possibilities...

Yes, but what kind of dream, dry or otherwise?

She is a a DREAM!

haha yeah, me neither. Come to think of it, I don't think any of us have ever met.

the morsel is not ficticiously soft...

What's wrong with naked?

I love a good midnight cooking class.

Yes, sometimes I love eating twice before I fall asleep

Wise words, very wise indeed

Eat Out Late, Enjoy More Often.

whoo hoo! yeah!

I actually have one in my backseat, so you can get wild back there.

get a "to Go" bucket and Go Wild in your car.

Thanks. I haven't sporked much here recently. I guess I've just had too much on my plate.

I guess I have sporked a few times in my life.

Thanks, CrippleCrow, I'm glad you enjoy it.

Thanks! Glad you guys like it.

I like it. lol

Looks like I'm getting me a new T-shirt!

Thank you very much. I wrote it in 2004, or at least that's when I copyrighted it. Maybe I wrote it a little earlier. No, I usually copyright things in a timely manner, so it is more than a few years old.

I do like to spoon after I fork. And thanks on the image compliment. My graphic deigner listened well and did terrific work.