Oh God Yes ...

Doesn't everyone?  Has to be the best finale after a good forking.  

womaninbliss womaninbliss
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14 Responses Mar 7, 2010

haha pix. knew you'd agree dear!!

You've got that right WIB! :-)

I'd say ... sounds like fun anyhow.

Spork. Is that like a quickie?

don't we all lilt!!

EM SPORKS!<br />

Who the heck is Jarod??<br />
Hmmm, personally, I don't mind getting it all done with at once with Sporking! ;)

Get back, Speechless. Get back to where you once belonged. Now!

I miss Jarod

I'd probably fall off lilt ... anyway ... I always get my spoons and forks mixed up ... don't you start at the outside and work your way in? Something like that anyway ...

Now I'm wondering about the tablespoon...

haha - these cutlery analogies just don't cut it for me lilt - I have to say I LOVE your avatar pics - love the blonde hairdo in this one and your smile is SOOO cute.

But sometimes the spoon leads to the fork. <br />
You know, like an appetizer of soup.

Yes, just before dessert.