Sharing My Wife Spying With Others

I enjoy watching my wife take a shower, bath, or getting dressed without her knowing. I enjoy chatting on YIM about her as well. One day I was chatting with someone and they asked to see her live. SO I put on my Ipod camera and did a video call with her getting dressed for work. She had no idea he was watching or even who he was. It really turned me on to know he got to see her body naked as she was getting ready for work.

So I got on ebay and purchased a nanny cam to watch her in my office. Sometimes I put the webcam on the nanny cam and show others as she takes a bath, showers or gets ready for work. Its hot to read the guys comments as they see her beautiful body.
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12 Responses May 5, 2012

Love your story, I love watching my wife without her knowing. not videoed her must admit. sounds cool

add me too please

Would love to see them I like hidden vids

will look in to getting one

id like to see your pics .i have some to share

I also would love to see the cam...

I also want to do the same

add me pls

love to see

mmmm nice would love to see her add me on yahoo messenger if u like same nic as here

you can get them on the web for about $25 look under coat hook spycam<br />
happy filming p.s. would love to see yours

i have one built into a coathook its stuck to the wall in the shower cubical and turns its self on and off as she enters or leaves the shower

dammmm dude :) lol that awesome