New Developments In The Slave Trade

Whether its dueling with an arch nemesis for the heart of a woman or highschool freshman hazing. No matter if its Chinese foot binding or the ritual slaughtering of any child born on a friday by the Anglo-Saxons; or even the Salem witch hunts. I'm sure most of us can agree that there were (and still are) certain traditions or cultural practices that were so ruthless and savage that the only thing wrong with outlawing them is that its too bad that it didn't happen sooner. So what makes kidnapping or "bridenapping" any differen?. Why should women in any culture have to have to fear for their freedom on their way to market? Why are there young teenage girls all over the world being shamed by their own families for escaping from heads of terrorist groups and drug cartell leaders? And why are these sadistic degenerates getting away with it? Because the UN refuses to recognize it as a crime. Please either follow the link below or cut and paste it into your web browser for more info and to tell the UN to take a firm stance against this brutal practice

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