When I was 10, my parents decided to take one of their rare nights out. I thought i was going to getto stay home by myself which really excited me, but my parents told me I would be having a babysitter over. I wasn't too happy when they also told me I should put at least underwear on. I threw a fit but lost the fight. When the babysitter came, (a 40 neighbor lady from a few miles down) my parents gave her instructions and left. She told me she was going to make dinner. When she went into the kitchen I took the opportunity to put my plan into action. I ran upstairs to my room and took off all of my clothes and ran back downstairs to sit on my couch. When my babysitter came out of the kitchen she saw me sitting there and paused. She asked me why I was naked and I told her I liked being naked around the house. She said okay and brought me a pb&j for dinner. After I ate she told me I had to take a shower. After I was done I stayed naked and came back downstairs. I stayed that way the rest or the evening. I fell asleep before my parents got home and they didn't say anything the next morning so I assume she didn't say anything. I never saw her again since she and her family moved a month later. I also never had another babysitter since the next time they went out I was old enough to stay by myself. Regardless I loved the rush of being naked in front of a clothed person.
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my son started at 11 being totally naked front others ...after few times he loved to undress in front friends to...ours n his friends...n they woud just lookat him ashe undressed...he loved it ,! is nothing wrong w. it at all... he is 18u now still nude w/ us to,,,,,, and many his friends join us to,,,wonderfull

A great story!<br />
<br />
I am looking forward to being nude in front of both<br />
clothed and naked persons!

<b>lucky you!</b><br />
i never had the opportunity to do this, but mostly because i didn&rsquo;t get into being naked until i was twelve, and by then my parents decided i could stay home by myself.<br />
<b>i&rsquo;m jealous!☺</b>