Hangin Nude With My Neighbor

My next door neighbor is a cool dude who is a lot more than twice my age. I mostly see him in jeans. period. and maybe some boots or flipflops. He must go naked at home cause when he comes outside he looks like he's just trown on his jeans -- they may be buttoned but not zipped up or maybe kinda zipped but not buttoned. And it's obvious that he goes commando all the time. And while I'm at home sometimes I hang naked. Quite often on the weekends. So a couple of weeks ago I was watchin tennis on TV and am hangin naked on the couch. And I see my neighbor walkin up to the door -- he can see in when he's right up to the door and sees me sittin there completely naked. To I think for a second whether I should go and try to find some shorts but decide that he's already seen me so why bother. I think he would have been cool with anything cause he's an old hippie and has probably done everything nude himself. Tommy is shirtless, just wearin jeans and flipflops. He's a huge tennis fan too and comes on in not hardly noticing that I'm naked and sits on the couch and starts watchin the match. So I sit down across from him and notice that my **** feels heavy cause it's hangin over the edge of the chair. So then I notice that Tommy is watchin my piece as much as he's watchin TV which makes me a little uncomfortable and a little excited at the same time -- I think I'm kind of an exhibitionist. I know Tommy's not gay so I think he was just admiring my stuff. So I felt pretty good and uninhibited but still a little inhibited as well. I would have felt a lot better if Tommy had been naked too. that would have been totally cool.

TeddyBare87 TeddyBare87
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3 Responses May 23, 2012

nice... I'm always naked in the house, people are just used to it by now I guess lol but I never feel the need to put something on if I don't feel like it

Just ask him.

Yeah i agree you don't NEEd to be gay to admire the male body ... definitely one of the most gorgeous indulgences of life.