Managed To Stay Nude All Weekend, So Far.

So I am an avid nudist.  And very open about it.  


I hate to wear clothes when I dont' have to, and never when home.  

My girlfriend is not quite as into it as I am.. but she doesn't mind.  


Anyway... after an especially long week, I came home Friday afternoon and ******** down in the car before I even walked into the house.   I was going to try and catch some rays out by the pool before it good too dark.   So I went straight for the kitchen and grabbed a cold drink and wet to lay by the pool bare *** as always  

What I did not realize was that we had scheduled to have all of the satellite boxes upgraded to new HD boxes and get a larger dish for better reception.  So for about an hour I was laying out in full view of the Dish Network guy up on the roof.  

He finally had to come down to get into the house and change the boxes so he came to ask me to let him in the house -  he sort of startled me when he asked but I got up and started to show him in the house.  I didn't even apologize for being naked or draw any attention to it. He didn't even seem to mind.  

When I asked him if he wanted something to drink, he finally said, "I have to ask, you dont have any clothes on.." and I said yeah, I am a nudist and usually don't when home.  He said that he was cool with that and was the same way at home as well.  I said that if he wanted tom he could also work nude.  I didn't mind.   He said that as much as he would like to, he had a boss in the area that may stop by and would get in trouble.   I understood and stood there talking to him nude the entire time he finished up.  He was a cool guy.  I told him he made a nudist friend and to stop by anytime.

Sure enough. later that evening he stopped by.. with the interest of asking how the new dish was working.  I invited him in and he came in, ******** immediate.y.  My GF and I had him stay for dinner and he and I hung out naked chatting for a while.  So .. see, it worked out.

That was last night and I have managed to stay nude since then...  did some work by the pool and helped my brother with his new laptop.  All in all a nice, quiet and naked weekend.  

Just ordered some dinner and will naturally answer the door nude.  Always do !     


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Great story ... but the coolest thing is to hear that, after the Disc guy left, you were at home, naked, helping your brother with his laptop. I would love the freedom, not only to be naked when a repair person came in (which doesn't seem like such a big deal, after all), but also naked with family. Cool!

Did you or your GF notice now "big" he was? In comparison to yourself?

I have the same rule at home to. If I want to stay nude I don't care who comes over and they are welcome to ***** down to. As you noticed there are more people that want to atleast try nudity. Glad to hear from others who enjoy the lifestyle.

Man, that's totally cool. Robbie (my oldest brother) always wants me to put on some jeans or something before answering the door. So I showed him this post and he finally agreed that I could answer the door naked next time if I have the balls to do it. We'll see. I think I will.

awesome!<br />
it's always nice to encounter a fellow nudist.<br />
one question:<br />
is there any possibility of sex?

Hope u enjoyed the rest of the weekend. Sounds like nothing was stopping u from that! Love to be nude all the time too.