Love Used Panties

I also love stealing panties. I started right after college when living in apartments. When doing my laundry and I would try to find when a young women was drying her clothes. I washed my clothes and tried and get down to the laundry room before her to take out her clothes out of the dryer. I would look through her clothes while I taking the clothes out and placing them on top of the dryer. If she comes down it just looks like I am taking her clothes out so I can dry mine. I always took only one and never a new pair. She will notice a new pair missing and the the older pairs always have a wonderful copy of her smell. I love to lick the crotch because the smell comes out perfectly when wet.

After I got married I did not have the same opportunity because we bought a house. But the fetish did not go away. My access was limited but we spent many weekends visiting my in-laws. I would always take a shower in their bathroom to have access to my mother in-laws dirty clothes hamper. She was in her early 50's when we got married and 90 % of her pairs were “granny panties”.They were the nylon-lycra material and I think they feel great wrapped around my **** or being worn when ************.
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I have stolen a few panties in my time as well, and I understand your fetish. Its best when you can see the girl who's panties you are stealing, that way when you are later laying in your bed and rubbing her stolen panties over your **** you can picture her face and body.